EDWIN MOLDAUER  going a step further than everyone else, if nobody can do it, he can !!            

The culprits are  pursued in according to the law on a range of matters; currently (2016)on appeal for jurisdiction in Washington DC USA, pending resolution of Palestinian Terror victim claims from 2002 events in Israel.             

Edwin, an expert analyst, investigator, researcher, negotiator, change agent.


Since late 2002,  Edwin was subject to a barrage of willful abuse, harassment, cyber bulling, a tactical frivolous lawsuit, a smear campaign on outright falsehoods and  with impunity by entity and entities of ever changing identities, linked to a confirmed scam "operator/s" based in US operating a global network. (read articles below)

Notwithstanding, Edwin received in mid 2002 great employment performance reviews, departed US in accordance with law and had no further association with.

Subsequently, the culprits were found to target Edwin, conducting material illegal activities also as published by the media (2007-2009) in US, Australia and New Zealand. In 2010, the main operator de-listed from ASX -- Australian Stock Exchange.

 (After 2003, Edwin learned also of:  a juice concentrate factory closed down due to financial irregularities,  a  protracted tax litigation with IRS in US, an inflated share price by 900% according to USDOJ and  a fabricated severance agreement ).


  1. Constellation and Accolade Fancy Names for Barbarians.pdf

  2. Accounting system still broken at Constellation Sydney 2009.pdf

  3. Constellation Brands reporting in doubt Sydney 2009.pdf

  4. Don't Get Drunk On Constellation Brands Stock - Forbes.pdf


Matters were referred to the relevant enforcement agencies and legal actions taken in the relevant jurisdiction in US, New Zealand and Australia against the perpetrators since 2002. 

The facade : www.cbrandswikicom.wordpress.com


"It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are. " 

"What you don't see with your eyes, don't witness with your mouth."